Multiplex For Sale in Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta

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•  62 sqm , 6 bath multiplex FOR SALE  USD169,000 .

Great opportunity to invest on a profitable building located on a corner of a centric area of Puerto Vallarta. Walking distance from the farmers market of Lázaro Cárdenas you can find fresh vegetables, food and bussiness on general.

This bulding has been built on the crossing of Danubio and Brasilia Street and has a high flow of people and vehicles and two blocks from there is Libramiento highway that takes you to Down Town.The property has 3 apartments of 2 bedrooms, 2 commercial spaces and parking spaces on the street. It has all the services and contracts for water, electricity, internet. The units are already rented so you will have incomes returning your investment.

Give us the opportunity to show this property, give us a phone call!

Gran oportunidad de invertir en un edificio rentable ubicado en una esquina de un área céntrica de Puerto Vallarta. A poca distancia del mercado de agricultores de Lázaro Cárdenas, puedes encontrar verduras frescas, comida y negocios en general.

Este edificio se construyó en el cruce de las calles Danubio y Brasilia y tiene un gran flujo de personas y vehículos, ya dos cuadras de allí se encuentra la carretera Libramiento que lo lleva al centro de la ciudad. La propiedad cuenta con 3 apartamentos de 2 habitaciones, 2 espacios comerciales y Plazas de parking en la calle.

Cuenta con todos los servicios y contratos de agua, electricidad, internet. Las unidades ya están alquiladas, por lo que tendrá ingresos para devolver su inversión.

Denos la oportunidad de mostrar esta propiedad, llámenos por teléfono!

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Salud! National Tequila Day is coming up on Saturday

Next Saturday is National Tequila Day.Next Saturday is National Tequila Day.

Salud! National Tequila Day is coming up on Saturday

The celebration begins today in Guadalajara with Tequila Cocktail Week

Restaurants and tequila producers in Guadalajara, Jalisco, are preparing to say “Salud!” and celebrate the first-ever Tequila Cocktail Week.

Following the approval last year by the federal Congress to celebrate National Tequila Day on the third Saturday of March, 25 “iconic” restaurants and 15 tequila producers have joined together to celebrate for an entire week, starting today and concluding on Saturday.

The president of the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT) said that special tequila-based cocktails will be prepared in the restaurants with 40 different brands provided by producers.

Twenty-four amateur mixologists from around the country will also get the chance to show their prowess in a cocktail contest.

Visitors to the capital of Jalisco will have the opportunity to visit the Tequila Route and the Altos de Jalisco, the two main tequila-producing regions in the state.

“The celebration of this date makes the industry and the whole country proud; our beverage is found in over 120 countries, and at least 70,000 people are involved in its production, a sign of its importance in the cultural and economic development of our country,” said Rodolfo González González.

National tequila production last year was 300 million liters, 222 million of which were exported. It has been predicted that tequila will be the second fastest growing alcoholic beverage in terms of sales growth internationally by 2021, behind whisky.

Source: El Economista (sp)

The Vallarta Tribune, Readers Choice Awards, for the Puerto Bay

I am so proud that to share that we have the #1 agent, in the entire Bay Area, Dana Scapa!  The second year in a row!!  Over 300 agents …

Our companies; RE/MAX Sites Marina and RE/MAX Destiny, also won the 2nd best agency in the bay!!

This is incredible to me, as there is an agency with 50 agents, and another agency that sells over 50 Million USD per year.

I can only say that our offices focuses upon our clients and that is the only goal.

If the readers of the Vallarta Tribune think this much about Dana Scapa and my company, please think about us for any real estate in the Vallarta area.

This award was generated by the readers of the Vallarta Tribune; the most read local paper in the Puerto Vallarta area.


Todd Bates

Expats Ad, Mar 2019


Vallarta Tribune, 2019, Best


Single Story For Sale in Boca de Tomatlan, Puerto Vallarta

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Private beach and Yacht dock!

•  1923 sqm single story FOR SALE  USD699,000 .
MLS® 15239

Fabulously located property spans from the highway to the waterfront. There is a small home, 2+2, 146.88 M2, storage shed, and another beginnings of construction near the driveway. Lush jungle with many shade trees. Build your dream home with private beach and dock for your yacht. Driveway on the property and stairs to the water.
Private Remarks: Waiting on CUS and COS from Planning Department.

La propiedad, con una ubicación fabulosa, se extiende desde la carretera hasta el paseo marítimo. Hay una casa pequeña, 2 + 2, 146.88 M2, cobertizo de almacenamiento y otros inicios de construcción cerca del camino de entrada. Exuberante selva con muchos árboles de sombra. Construye la casa de tus sueños con una playa privada y un muelle para tu yate. Calzada en la propiedad y escaleras al agua.

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Exploring the Río Verde canyon: high cliffs and hot showers

Mexico Life
Río Verde: chocolate-colored in the rainy season.The forgotten Río Verde is chocolate-colored in the rainy season.

Exploring the Río Verde canyon: high cliffs and hot showers

Isolated Jalisco river offers wonderful hot springs and a spectacular canyon

The Río Verde could be considered western Mexico’s “forgotten river,” principally because it runs along the bottom of a long canyon 300 to 500 meters deep, accessible only via a few steep, rough, dirt roads.

It is so forgotten that I couldn’t find its length anywhere, so I made my own measurements and, “according to Pint,” it is 173 kilometers long, starting deep in the Jalisco highlands and ending at Guadalajara.

Thanks to its isolation the river is relatively unpolluted, and all along its length are wonderful hot springs. Add these two factors to the astounding beauty of the steep canyon walls overhanging the river and you have a great outdoor site well worth a visit.

My first trip to the Green River was rather bizarre. I received a phone call from botanist Miguel Cházaro asking me if I wouldn’t like to visit “a hot waterfall called La Bolsa. It’s a natural shower, at perfect bathing temperature and it’s located at the edge of a huge orchard where ripe mangoes drop right into your hands and, by the way, just above the orchard there’s an archaeological site with a big pyramid and . . . .”

Of course, I was hooked and so were a lot of other hiker friends when I told them Cházaro’s story. The result was a big turnout for a hike to La Bolsa.

Frothing river in Tamara canyon.

Frothing river in Tamara canyon.

“How far away is this place?” people asked me.

“Miguel says it’s just half an hour from town.”

“What should we bring?”

“I guess lunch and a swim suit is all you need.”

Well, the “half-hour trip” took two hours, which did not surprise me too much, but instead of arriving at the hot waterfall, we found ourselves on the edge of a tremendous canyon, at the bottom of which we could barely make out a narrow ribbon of brown: the Río Verde, normally green, but chocolate-colored during the rainy season.

“Just follow me,” said Miguel, and over the edge we went, slipping and sliding on muddy trails that zigzagged through thick maleza which slowly turned into a full-blown jungle as we descended. All of us figured the waterfall must be “a half-hour” down the hill, but it soon became clear we were heading for the very bottom of the canyon.

Yes, sometimes the Río Verde does look green!

Yes, sometimes the Río Verde does look green!

One hour later, we came to a wide, flat, open area dominated by a conspicuous, high, lozenge-shaped mound where we learned about the history of the area.

“The Aztecs,” we were told, “arrived at Acatic in the year 1200 and almost decided to make it their capital because they saw an eagle land there. However, the eagle took off again and so did the Aztecs, wandering away to what is now Mexico City, where they finally saw the omen they were seeking: an eagle devouring a snake while perched on a nopal [prickly pear cactus].”

We continued down the hill and finally, four hours after leaving Guadalajara, we reached our long-awaited hot waterfall. Ah, but for most of the group it was quite a disappointment.

“The bathing spot looked great,” stated one exhausted hiker, “but to get to it you had to grab on to the branch of a tree overhanging the roaring, frothing Rio Verde. I was not quite prepared to do that.”

As a result, only three out of the crowd of 20 actually got a chance to stretch out under the marvelous hot waterfall they had striven so hard to reach. I was one of those lucky three and as I lay beneath the falls with jets of deliciously hot water pummeling my back in a soothing massage, I asked myself, “Was it worth it?”

For me, the reply was a resounding “Claro que sí!” but for those others, who now faced the prospect of climbing back up the canyon’s muddy trails in the pouring rain, the answer may have been quite the opposite, especially for one exhausted soul who looked up at the top of the canyon far above us, threw himself down on the ground, arms outstretched, and declared, “I’d rather just die right here, if you don’t mind!”

Canyon walls reflected in the clean, cool waters of Río Verde.

Canyon walls reflected in the clean, cool waters of Río Verde.

Fortunately, he and everyone else eventually made it to the top, although a few only reached it at sunset.

Some time later, a local historian told me about another way into the same canyon where I would be able to appreciate “three magnificent waterfalls, one of them 70 meters high.”

This place is known as La Leonera and I assumed it would present a daunting challenge equal to that of La Bolsa, but I was wrong.

We drove to La Leonera from the little down of Acatic and only a few steps from the parking spot parked we stood next to a mirador, or lookout point, offering us a truly magnificent and dramatic view of the Río Verde canyon. From here you walk along a wide, smooth path, again with a stupendous view.

We strolled along for an hour, finally coming to a little stream. Here we could just hear the purr of a waterfall in the distance. We walked upstream for 100 meters and gaped at la Cascada Velo de la Novia (Bridal Veil), a pretty and appropriately named waterfall about 60 meters high.

Below it was a pool of cold, clean water, a great place for a swim, but note that there is only water here during the rainy season.

At this point some may wish to head back to their car, but the more adventurous can continue along the trail to two more waterfalls.

Eventually I learned about yet another beautiful section of this canyon which is known as La Barranca de Tamara.

Here you can find a steep, but well-maintained road that actually lets you drive right down to the bank of the Río Verde where you can swim in delicious pools fed by cascades of hot water and, if you wish, spend the night there in a nice cabin.

Once again you go through the town of Acatic and follow a well-signposted dirt road to Rancho el Venado (Deer Ranch).

Upon paying the entrance fee, you get a waterproof paper bracelet on your wrist and then begins a twisting, but wonderfully scenic drive down to the very bottom of the canyon. Along the way you come to a fenced-in area containing the tiny deer which give the ranch its name.

The road leads ever downward through gently rolling hills and several dramatic waterfalls (in the rainy season) to two roomy wooden cabins, each of which has drinking and washing water, electricity, a kitchen, a fridge, a fireplace and two bedrooms, each with two double beds — plus a very lovable (and speedy) mouse, which raced back and forth across the ceiling and was far more entertaining than a TV could ever be.

  • 14—Rio-Verde-w-reflections
    Canyon walls reflected in the clean, cool waters of El Río Verde.
  • 1—aLeonera-Canyon-MID
  • 2—At-Tamara-Swim-in-Paradise
  • 3—Botanist-Miguel-Chazaro
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  • 13—GR-Rio-Verde2
  • 14—Rio-Verde-w-reflections
  • 15—Rosalio-n-tortillas
  • 16—SP1080530

A five-minute walk from the cabin takes you to the south bank of the Green River, next to which two swimming pools have been built beneath a network of small, natural hot waterfalls whose temperature is 37 C (98.6 F, body temperature).

Soaking in one of these pools while gazing up at the towering red cliffs and watching the river flow is a unique experience and without a doubt from that moment on you, like me, will consider the Río Verde “one river I could never forget.”

The writer has lived near Guadalajara, Jalisco, for more than 30 years and is the author of A Guide to West Mexico’s Guachimontones and Surrounding Area and co-author of Outdoors in Western Mexico. More of his writing can be found on his website.


Mexican consumer confidence rose in February for a third consecutive month, hitting its highest level on record, data from the national statistics agency showed on Tuesday.

Adjusted for seasonal swings, Mexico’s consumer confidence index rose to 119.9 in February from 113.2 in January, continuing the upward trajectory it has taken since President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office in December.

The data offers some respite for the leftist Lopez Obrador after a spate of recent warnings from analysts and economists over the outlook for Latin America’s no. 2 economy.

Lopez Obrador has vowed to tackle poverty, reduce inequality and improve wages for the bulk of Mexican society.

His election in July also triggered a significant jump in the consumer confidence index.

In December, the country’s wage commission agreed to raise the daily minimum wage of just over $4 by 16 percent, the biggest percentage raise since 1996.

Still, Goldman Sachs economist Alberto Ramos noted the bright optimism among consumers was not shared by companies.

“Business sentiment has been more subdued as producers have been apprehensive with regards to policy direction and overall sector-level policies,” Ramos said in a note to clients.

Responding to warnings by ratings agencies that Mexico was running the risk of a downgrade to its credit rating, Lopez Obrador on Tuesday said the agencies were punishing the country for the “neo-liberal” policies of previous administrations, a favorite rhetorical target of the president.

The previous peak for the adjusted consumer confidence index was 116.1 in August 2001, a few months after data for the index began being registered by the statistics agency.

World Bank data shows that Mexico suffered a mild recession that year after the end of the dot-com boom.

The non-adjusted confidence index rose in February by nearly five points from the previous month to 116.8. That took the unadjusted index to its highest level since August 2001.

Reporting by Dave Graham; Editing by Bernadette Baum and Bill Berkrot



The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, through the Tourism Department, has scheduled a series of activities that will give greater appeal to the downtown and will be an important attraction for tourists over the Easter holidays.

Ramón González Lomelí, head of the agency, said that the city will provide activities that promote the destination over the Easter holidays, including four stages in the area of ​the pier, where visitors and residents will be able to enjoy, in the afternoons, pictures of Mexican folklore, music, circus shows, and other entertainment.

To these events, the two ‘turicletos’ will be making trips for the enjoyment of the tourists, as well as the putting in operation a train that will offer routes to the families along the Malecon.

González Lomelí announced that he is working on other events of great importance for the destination, which will be taking place throughout the year, such as beach soccer, a FIFA tournament for the qualifying rounds of the Concacaf, as well as the International Folklore Festival, where the attendance of five countries has already been confirmed; the Tennis tournament and one more edition of the Down Vallarta.

There will also be the International Pyrotechnics Festival, with three venues, the Malecón, the IPEJAL site and the baseball stadium of the Agustín Flores Contreras sports unit, an eventwhere 450 participants from different countries are expected.

“Vive Vallarta” will be held on the site of the Puerto de Luna hotel, an event that will have a handicraft show of states and municipalities, area of ​ games and food, as well as the installation of a theater for artistic presentations, and this time the installation of an ice rink is planned.

“We have several projects for Easter and in the month of May, to continue promoting the destination; these are just some of the plans that we have, in addition to very important groups and conventions that will be arriving at the port,” he concluded.

Single Story For Sale in Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

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•  222.61 sqft , 3 bath , 3 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD730,000 .

This beautiful Condo has one of the best ocean views available at Bay View Grand and Marina Vallarta.
Come see Banderas Bay, the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and Downtown Puerto Vallarta all from the calm splendor of your balcony!
Located on 20-acres of tropical paradise on the Mexican Riviera in Puerto Vallarta, México. located in one of the biggest Condominiums in Latin America,
With a large Infiniti swimming pool, beautifully manicured grounds, snack bar by the pool, gymnasium with sauna and steam rooms, tennis courts, and the best 24/7 security.

Este hermoso condominio frente al mar de 2 recamaras 2 baños con una de las mejores vistas al océano disponibles en Bay View Grand y Marina Vallarta. Venga a ver la Bahía de Banderas, la Cordillera de la Sierra Madre y el centro de Puerto Vallarta, todo desde el esplendor tranquilo de su balcón. Ubicado en 20 acres de paraíso tropical en la Riviera Mexicana en Puerto Vallarta, México., en uno de los condominios más grandes de Latinoamérica, Con una gran piscina Infinita, jardines bellamente cuidados, snack bar junto a la piscina, gimnasio con sauna y baños de vapor, canchas de tenis y la mejor seguridad 24/7.

Property information


There’s no shame in looking for a sun-and-beach getaway in Puerto Vallarta and, with a comfortable 70 – 75 degrees average temperature for the upcoming spring months, it is the ideal place to relax away your winter blues. But for more active travelers, Puerto Vallarta’s location between the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the Bay of Banderas provides multiple opportunities to help bring adrenaline levels up, too.

Puerto Vallarta is drenched in natural terrains ideal for an endless array of outdoor activities. Water sports enthusiasts can choose from every imaginable activity, from snorkeling and scuba diving to kayaking, sailing, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding and surfing. The abundant marine life in the warm Pacific waters of Banderas Bay are known to be a fisherman’s paradise, offering some of the best deep-sea sports fishing around.

Those in search of hard-core adventure can go mountain-bike riding or zip lining, opt for a Jeep safari or go horseback riding in challenging terrains. There are also soft adventure tours of the jungle surrounding Puerto Vallarta, from canopy tours to eco-hikes. And, of course, more traditional sports pursuits, including tennis and world-class golf, are also all on offer in Puerto Vallarta, as well.

Visitors interested in bike-centered activities will find several local tour operators offer bike trips that fit everyone’s fitness and experience level, from beginner to expert; from bike taco tours to 3- or 10-mile climbs through the Sierra Madre to the shores of the Pacific Ocean and to a secluded beach or even the isolated town of Yelapa. Or, bikers can take a short trip to the “magical town” of Mascota, at 2.5 miles and over 12,000 feet above sea level, and riding through the region’s countryside to finally drop straight into the tropical paradise beach town of Puerto Vallarta.

Stand-up paddle excursions depart from Boca de Tomatlan and Colomitos Beach, south of Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Center. There, the calm and clear waters of the Bay of Banderas permit wild excursions. From November to March, marine life is abundant, and species visitors may encounter include multicolored tropical fish of all sizes, sea turtles, manta rays and eagle rays, among others. For a completely Puerto Vallarta experience, try paddle boarding just offshore along the seaside Malecon promenade at sunset, and increase your chances of catching a glimpse of dolphins or humpback whales.

Running is one of the most common sports practiced by both locals and visitors. Early runs along the Malecon and around the Historic Center are popular. Step up your run and throw in some mountains with a hike up the Mirador de la Cruz, for panoramic views of the city, or a run through Rio Cuale Island and up into the Conchas Chinas neighborhoods. For a more extreme experience, try a run along the 62-mile Bay of Banderas coast. The trail starts in the fishing village of Boca De Tomatlan, by a river that flows into a small bay, leads through the tropical jungle and over a rope suspension bridge to end at one of Puerto Vallarta’s most secluded beaches, Playa Los Colomitos. Runners may encounter a wide variety of exotic birds, butterflies, lizards and tropical trees along the way.