Retiring in Mexico: Deciding Which Visa Option is Best For You.

Retiring in Mexico: Deciding Which Visa Option is Best For You


This post will only address visa options for retirees from the U.S. or Canada who do not plan to work in Mexico. If your goal is to work here, whether in your own business or for someone else, there will be additional requirements.
• Retirees with Income from Outside of Mexico
The majority of the expats that I know fall into this category. This group includes people living on income from investments, pensions, savings, and/or Social Security.
If you are thinking about retiring to Mexico, you will have to decide whether or not to apply for a resident visa or to simply live here under a tourist visa. I will go through each option and discuss the advantages, disadvantages and costs.

• Tourist Visa
If you have ever been to Mexico on vacation, you are already familiar with the tourist visa or FMM. This is what you were given at the airport when you entered the country and it allows you to stay for less than 180 days. If you decide to live in Mexico under a tourist visa, you will have to take a trip home or cross the border every six months. The good part is that you can immediately reenter Mexico and the clock starts over.
I actually have quite a few expat friends who have chosen this route.

No additional costs
No need to complete extra paperwork or hire an attorney.
You can enter and leave the country as much as you want.
You can bring your foreign plated car into the country.

Many Mexican banks require either a temporary or permanent visa to open a bank account.
You cannot get a Mexican driver’s license (except for a temporary license in some jurisdictions that expires when the tourist visa does)
You cannot register a car in Mexico.
You have to physically leave the country every six months.

• Temporary Resident Visa
This visa is valid for one to four years. The first temporary visa that you are issued is valid for one year and then you can choose to renew it for a period of up to three more years.  After that point, you will have to apply for a permanent resident visa, leave the country, or switch to a tourist visa.

You can open a Mexican bank account.
You can buy and register a car in Mexico.
You can get a Mexican driver’s license.
Many businesses will give you a local discount if you can present the temporary resident card.
You can bring your foreign plated car into the country.
You can enter and leave the country as much as you want.

You have to meet the requirements and show financial solvency.
You may need an attorney to assist you.
You will have to pay the fees.
It is a two-part process that begins at the Mexican consulate in your home country and ends in Mexico.
You will have to renew it.

Permanent Resident Visa
This visa is similar to the temporary resident visa, but it never expires. The other major difference is that if you have a foreign plated car, you will have to nationalize it or remove it from the country.

You can open a Mexican bank account.
You can buy and register a car in Mexico.
You can get a Mexican driver’s license.
Many businesses will give you a local discount if you can present the card.
You do not have to renew it.
You can enter and leave the country as much as you want.

You have to meet the requirements and show financial solvency.
You may need an attorney to assist you.
You will have to pay the fees.
It is a two part process that begins at the Mexican consulate in your home country and ends in Mexico.
You will have to nationalize your foreign plated vehicle or remove it from the country.

Let’s Wrap This Up
As you can see, the best option depends on your situation. If you plan to live in Mexico permanently and buy a car in Mexico, then the permanent resident visa is your best bet. You have to specify that you want the permanent visa during your appointment at the Mexican consulate in your home country. They may or may not grant it depending on your particular situation.
Anytime that I write a post like this, it is inevitable that I will receive messages from people who have managed to open a bank account or register a car with only a tourist visa. I have discovered that the rules in Mexico are not enforced uniformly, and some people do successfully slip through the cracks.
That being said, I can tell you that it has been much easier for us to live here since we obtained our temporary resident visas. Prior to getting them, we tried — and failed — to buy a car and open a bank account. In fact, the first question that every car dealer and banker would ask us was, “Do you already have your temporary or permanent resident card?”

Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s second most important tourist destination.

Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s second most important tourist destination

        Mar 28, 2017

The Director of Tourism in Puerto Vallarta, Jose Ludwing Estrada Virgen, said that Puerto Vallarta is the number one destination for the state of Jalisco because of its large tourist influx and economic impact to the state, and the second most important in Mexico.

In an interview, the official of the State Tourism Secretariat, added that nationally, the city is one of the most important tourist destinations, “after Cancun are have Puerto Vallarta and then Los Cabos, economically speaking and the number of tourists each year.”

He established that last year, Puerto Vallarta received a tourist influx of over four million visitors.

He noted that there are 23,000 rooms for lodging, “with hotels from special classification, boutique, resorts, five stars and even one star.”

He said that the restaurants of Puerto Vallarta stands out, “there are around 500 restaurants of very good quality, and with taco stands and other snacks there is much more.”

Estrada Virgen highlighted that Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, within Banderas Bay, in the state of Jalisco.

“It is one of the largest bays in Mexico and Latin America, measuring 42 kilometers from east to west and 32 kilometers from north to south, and is one of the most beautiful in the world,” he said.

He explained that Puerto Vallarta is a beach destination, “has beautiful beaches, ecotourism, gastronomy, culture, sport fishing, walks by the bay, adventure sport, etcetera”.

“We have the Sierra Madre near Puerto Vallarta, 50 kilometers away is San Sebastián del Oeste, 90 kilometers away is Mascota, and 120 kilometers away is Talpa de Allende, which are three Magic Villages of Jalisco, which is a further attraction for visitors to Vallarta “.

The official said that Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite destinations for national and international tourism, and this year they expect to exceed the tourist influx and the economic outflow in relation to 2015.

He noted that most of the foreign tourists are from the United States, and followed by Canada, “we also have European market coming from England with weekly flights to our tourist destination.”

In addition, he mentioned, “we have Central American tourism, and in a smaller amount but that is increasing South American tourism, with Colombians, Chileans, Brazilians and Argentines.”

He affirmed that 2016 has been a year “very good in cruises, because every day the number of passengers arriving by cruise increases grows, who are of third generation as they are called”.

He says that on average, in each cruise, 3,000 passengers arrive with 900 crew,” so we speak of about four thousand people who arrive to Vallarta with each ship arrival.”

“There are also medium-sized cruisers, but most of them, which started arriving in October, are large, and it is estimated that a total of 140 cruise ships will arrive in Vallarta this year,” he added.

The Tourism Director commented that this is one of the ports where passengers tend to spend more money, “between 110 to 120 dollars on average per person is spent in the city.”

He pointed out that Vallarta has had considerable growth in 2016, “it has been one of the best years we’ve had.”

“In addition to the investment, new developments are coming to our tourist destination, a new shopping center, three new hotels, an aquarium and the passenger terminal of the cruise ships are being built,” he said.

Estrada Virgen said that they work to bring more tourism, “especially for tourists to return home satisfied and to take a pleasant experience from our destination and Jalisco.”

He said that in Vallarta there are many American and Canadian residents, “who are already retired, decide to buy a house and stay for a living, or there are some who, thanks to the internet, work from here.”

He noted that at the Latin American level, the states of Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima “stand out for having the largest number of foreign retired residents, we previously had an influx of about 50,000 residents between Nayarit and Jalisco.”

He recalled that Jalisco “has great attractions such as mariachi, tequila, charrería and gastronomy, and we try to ensure that all domestic and foreign tourists who arrive are happy.”

The venerable taco is a great taste treat.

The venerable taco is a great taste treat

Some simple diligence will help avoid intestinal pit bulls

Restaurants in Mexico run a broad range from world-class French cuisine at Eloise in Mexico City to birria con carne de perro (spicy stew made with dog meat) in the back streets of Ciudad Juárez. I think I ate there once.

Even with the incredible diversity of food throughout Mexico, there is one dish that is common to all regions of this country: the venerable taco.

With TripAdvisor, finding great mainstream restaurants anywhere in the world is child’s play. However, when you have the yen for something a bit more down market, a bit more traditional, a delightful repast that embodies the soul of Mexico, you need to find a taco stand.

The stands and restaurants which cater to taco lovers are as common in Mexico as disregarded stop signs. Over the years, I have been engaged in the continuing quest for the perfect taco; not an easy task.

A taco may seem like a relatively simple concoction, but there are many varieties available in quite a diverse array of settings, and not all of them can provide a great one.

In the early days of my quest I discovered that awesome tacos do not depend on architectural presentation, elaborate signage, premium locations, printed menus or even a building.

In fact, some of the most tasteless tacos I have consumed have been at so-called mainstream restaurants. To sample the very best of this traditional Mexican food you need to literally eat in the street. That is not to say that some permanent location restaurants don’t serve a superb taco, but some of the very best tacos are from the street stands.

There are two distinct types of stands; ones that cook on site and others that serve from pre-prepared pots of ingredients, mostly birria. Many of my Mexican friends enjoy birria but I put it right up there with menudo; not something I want in this lifetime.

So my recommendation is to concentrate your endeavors on the stands which prep and cook on site.

Of the ones that do cook on site, always seek out the place where the meat is roasted over a charcoal fire and where you are provided with fresh handmade tortillas.

There is something about raw flesh seared over an open fire that I find irresistible. Combine that with fresh and warm tortillas, fresh salsa and a few cold beers and you have a truly authentic Mazatlán experience. I need to add here that none of the street stands serve alcoholic beverages, but all have no objections to you bringing your own, and drinking in moderation, of course.

There are several ways to ascertain whether or not a street stand will send you home feeling sublime pleasure or severe abdominal distress. The first thing is to look at is the level of care given to cleanliness. After all, there is no running water at any of these places.

Most will serve food on plates covered in a plastic bag, and the communal tables will be covered with clean vinyl tablecloths. However, the main indicator of survivability is the number of people eating at the location.

Since these stands set up in the same spot every day or evening, if the fare was unsafe to consume the seats would be empty and the bodies of the previous customers would be scattered about the neighborhood.

Over the years I have met some Anglos who have absolutely refused to eat at any type of street stand. They believe that just being in close proximity to one will cause them to contract intestinal parasites the size of pit bulls.

Several months ago I was having dinner at one of my favorite stands when a gringo and his Mexican wife sat down at the communal table. After a short conversation I discovered that they had driven 15 miles into Centro just so the woman could enjoy the tacos at this particular stand.

The husband made it very clear that he would never eat at a street stand, all this being said as his wife chowed down on three fabulous quesadillas con carne. It was his mistaken belief that since his wife was Mexican she would not be attacked by the intestinal pit bulls. It was truly unfortunate that his tightly held conviction deprived him of one of the great taste treats of Mexico.

So my advice to the readers of this fine publication is to go forth into the streets and sample some of the finest ethnic food available. Excellent tacos can be had for between 10 and 20 pesos each at most street stands and of course they should be ordered with everything. And don’t forget to bring the cold cerveza.

Bodie Kellogg describes himself as a very middle-aged man who lives full-time on the west coast of Mexico with a captured tourist woman and the ghost of a half wild dog. If you wish to give him cold beer, large sacks of money or a piece of your mind, he can be reached at

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Costa Canuva Lays Cornerstone In The Riviera Nayarit.

Costa Canuva Lays Cornerstone In The Riviera Nayarit

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, the cornerstone of the Costa Canuva project was laid; this is the newest Integrally Planned Resorts (CIP by its acronym in Spanish) in the Riviera Nayarit, which spurred the urbanization of this development located in Compostela that will be administered by the Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo (Fonatur), Mexico’s national trust for tourism promotion.

Roberto Sandoval, Governor of the state of Nayarit, led the event, along with Rafael Lang, Managing Director of Mota-Engil Turismo; Miguel Reyes, Managing Director of Fonatur; and Alicia Monroy, Mayor of Compostela. Also present, representatives of the three levels of government and several tourism industry special guests.

During his speech the State Governor explained this was the result of important negotiations that brought an investment into what he called the largest and most important tourism complex in all of Mexico.
The capital investment by Mota-Engil will be 36 billion pesos, and the project will generate over eight thousand direct and indirect jobs within the first two years.

The Portuguese company chose Costa Canuva from among the different projects they have throughout 22 countries around the world thanks to its natural bounty and the national and international positioning of the Riviera Nayarit, but also due to the support of the three levels of government, which was key.

Costa Canuva will encompass 556 acres and over four miles of beach and coastline; the first of five hotels will be opened by Fairmont; it will also have the first golf course co-designed by Lorena Ochoa and Greg Norman; Cristian Ronald himself will own a home within the development.

The total construction for the development is expected to generate over seven thousand new rooms for the Riviera Nayarit with an expected total investment of 1.8 billion dollars.

Apartment For Sale in Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta

Photo Link


47 sqm

1 bath

1 bdrm



239000 USD .

MLS® 10908

Esta fantástica unidad de planta baja no sólo es encantador, pero tiene un ambiente acogedor y acogedor con un patio privado que ofrecen mucha luz natural y espacio. El patio de la cocina se abre y trae una sensación de paz con el entorno. Esta unidad tiene un espacio de estacionamiento ubicado dentro de las puertas. Muy muy raro. Ubicado dentro de uno de los complejos de condominios más increíbles en el casco antiguo, Selva Romantica garantiza un terreno seguro que está lleno de hermosos jardines coloridos y senderos sinuosos. Ya sea que nade en la piscina de aguas cristalinas, bañarse en el jacuzzi, relajarse en la terraza de la piscina grande o bajo la sombra de la palapa todo el mundo puede disfrutar de Más …

This fantastic ground floor unit is not only charming but has a comfortable, homey feel with a private patio that offer lots of natural light and space. The kitchen patio opens up and brings a feeling of peace with the surroundings. This unit has one parking space located inside the gates. Very very rare. Located inside one of the most incredible condominium complexes in Old Town, Selva Romantica ensures secure grounds that are filled with beautiful, colorful gardens and winding pathways. Whether swimming in the sparkling infinity pool, soaking in the Jacuzzi, relaxing on the large pool deck or under the shade of the palapa everyone can enjoy the 360 degree views of More…

Property information

Apartment For Sale in Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

Photo Link


157 sqm

2 bath

3 bdrm



219000 USD .

MLS® 10911

Maravillosamente remodelado frente marina unidad de 3 pisos en el Condominio Marina Sol. Este condominio amplio y luminoso ofrece vistas espectaculares y siempre cambiantes de la Marina, así como el telón de fondo de montaña magnífica con impresionantes amaneceres. Con una gran cocina abierta que está listo para albergar las mejores fiestas en esta elegante unidad finishe. El dormitorio Master en-suite tiene vistas a la Marina y tiene un amplio espacio para crear una maravillosa sala de lectura. El segundo dormitorio tiene un cuarto de baño-polvo y el tercer dormitorio ha sido acondicionado para albergar el área de lavandería privada. Este es un hogar ideal para una familia o como una inversión de alquiler.
Privado Observaciones:
Indicaciones: haz la 1ª a la izquierda después de Starbucks Nima Bay en la calle Mastil. Edificio blanco a la izquierda.

Beautifully remodeled marina front 3 floor unit in the Marina Sol Condominium. This spacious and bright condominium features spectacular and ever changing views of the Marina as well as the gorgeous mountain backdrop with stunning sunrises. With a great open kitchen you are ready to host the best parties in this elegantly finishe unit. The Master en-suite bedroom overlooks the Marina and has ample room to set up a wonderful reading room. The second bedroom has an ensuite-powder room and the third bedroom has been conditioned to house the private laundry area. This is an ideal home for a family or as a rental investment.
Private Remarks:
Directions: make 1st left after Starbucks Nima Bay onto Mastil street. white building on left hand side

Property information

Moving to Mexico: Why We Decided to Buy Instead of Rent.

Moving to Mexico: Why We Decided to Buy Instead of Rent




Readers of the blog often ask me why we chose to buy property in Mexico instead of simply renting a place.

I considered writing an article about the pros and cons of doing both – but that topic has been beaten to death. If you Google it, you will receive over 27,000,000 responses – I know, I did it.

Besides, an article like that still wouldn’t answer the question why “we” decided to buy a place in Mexico.

I can tell you that the decision was made only after carefully analyzing data and information from a wide range of sources and then scouting the area. My wife and I are fiscal conservatives and we only invest in something if the probability of a successful return is very high.

Just in case you’re curious what type of data and information I reviewed, here is a quick rundown (feel free to skip this part):

Historical data and projections related to population and economic growth; crime statistics; government investment and projected investment in infrastructure; real estate law; currency exchange rates and projections; environmental protection laws and possible impact on future construction in the area; medical services and facilities; price comparisons; probability of future rental income; and tax law (capital gains and property).

This amount of research might sound excessive to some people but it was necessary to give us both peace of mind.

Summary of Analysis

Although the data overwhelmingly supported the decision to buy a property as opposed to renting, we still planned to rent unless we could find the perfect place that checked some additional boxes on our combined wish list.

Through a combination of great luck and even better timing, we stumbled across the perfect place for us near Akumal, Quintana Roo.


Paul, What About Conditions Today?

If I stopped the article here, at least one reader would inevitably ask me the question above, so here is my answer:

Although I don’t dedicate as much time to researching real estate conditions as I did before we bought, I still keep up with current events that would affect our investment. Saying that, the conditions are still favorable to invest in real estate in certain areas of Mexico. This area actually reminds me a lot of south Florida in the early 1980’s before the price of real estate shot up.

Let’s Wrap This Up

The purpose of this article was not to convince anyone to buy a property in Mexico; rather, it was to explain why two highly fiscally conservative people would invest in a property located in another country.

So far, I think the investment was a sound one. We have lived here over a year and we have had two offers to buy the condo at a price above what we paid. The condo isn’t for sale but that doesn’t stop people from asking to buy it.

We know that we could sell it now and make a profit but we love the place too much to leave. We found a lot more than an investment property – we found a tight community of amazing people.

I pondered making a comment about how “priceless” that is but I resisted because it seemed a bit cliché.

It is nice to know that when we are ready to sell it, we should have significantly more return on our investment than we would have had if we had invested in bonds or left it in a savings account.

Of course nothing in this world is certain except for death and taxes. We are hopeful that people won’t get tired of the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean anytime soon. But if they do, the worst case scenario is that we have to keep living in this beach paradise forever. I think we could handle that option.

Starbucks set to open its 600th cafe in Mexico.

Starbucks set to open its 600th cafe in MX

Calls for a boycott appear to have been ignored by fans of the chain’s products


If anyone’s boycotting Starbucks in Mexico it’s not having any effect on the coffee company’s growth in this country.

There were calls in January for boycotts of various American brands that operate in Mexico in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans regarding trade, the border wall and remittance payments by Mexican workers.

One of the suggested targets was Starbucks, whose Mexican franchise holder, the restaurant operator Alsea, will open the brand’s 600th outlet next week.

So far this year, 10 new Starbucks have opened in Mexico, and Alsea plans to maintain the pace, opening 50-55 new outlets every year.

Ten years ago Starbucks had just 110 outlets in Mexico.

The coffee shop is Alsea’s biggest brand in terms of sales, representing 22% of the company’s total. Others are Burger King at 21% and Domino’s Pizza and Vips, both 15%.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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Riviera Nayarit is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with 10 Events.

  Mar 17, 2017

Do you need a reason to visit Riviera Nayarit this year? Here are 10! Mexico’s Pacific Treasure is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017 and we’ve rounded up the 10 most exciting events happening this year along its nearly 200-mile coastline. Whether you start off the year at the San Pancho Children’s Circus in March or visit in December to experience the 12th Festival Sinergiarte, there are plenty of events for everyone to enjoy.

Please see below for details about the top 10 events taking place in Riviera Nayarit in 2017:


9th Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica
Date: TBD October

In 2016 this culinary festival united 6 Michelin Stars, including Mexican Chef Roberto Ruiz! With high expectations for 2017, the activities already lined up include workshops, pairings, tastings, dinners and special events for the most demanding culinary professionals and foodies.

22nd Festival Gourmet International
Date: November 10 – 19

Experience firsthand, the culinary creativity of some of the most highly qualified chefs in Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. What began as an idea to promote and enhance the culinary standards of the destinations, has turned into a magnificent cultural exchange of world-class cuisine featuring chefs from across the globe.

VII Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf
Date: November 30 – December 3

Punta Mita, Riviera Nayarit’s Glamour Peninsula, is synonymous with luxury. Enjoy this signature event and its incomparable mix of gastronomy and golf in this favorite celebrity haunt—something undoubtedly hard to find anywhere else in Mexico. The event takes place at the two Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses in Punta Mita: The Pacifico Course at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort and The Bahia Course at the St. Regis Resort. The Pacifico is rated as the #1 course in all of Latin America, whose optional “Tail of the Whale” par-three 19th hole is the only natural island green in the world. The newer Bahia Course features six stunning ocean holes.


12th Festival Sinergiarte, San Pancho
Date: TBD December

For all things culture and art in Riviera Nayarit, this festival in San Pancho – the Culture Capital or Riviera Nayarit – is a must. Last year’s festival kicked-off with a parade followed by 3 days of local food, performances, workshops, sports tournaments and exhibits highlighting all the town has to offer. International and Mexican artists participate and some even donate their art. This celebration usually takes place at the end of every year and is open to all.


San Pancho Children’s Circus presents “Sueño de una noche de verano” (Dream of a Summer Night)
Date: March 22 – 25

In 2011, Cirque du Soleil’s co-founder Gilles Ste-Croix and his wife Monique Voyer created a children’s show at the Entre Amigos Educational Center in San Francisco. Their first show was so very well received, they started an arts school called “Circus of the Children of San Pancho.” Since then, the children have been able to put on breathtaking annual performances in a town that continues to be culturally inspired and takes pride in investing in the arts of the community – and this year is expected to be no different.


9th Half Marathon and 10K, Nuevo Vallarta
Date: November 25

Presented by the Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS), the Half Marathon and 10K will take runners under the palm trees in balmy weather, with a cooling sea breeze and breathtaking views of the destination. There will be live entertainment along the Half Marathon course and an exciting finish line with music, food and more!


7th Open Water Swim Tournament, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
Date: April 1

The Open Water Swim Tournament taking place in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle was recently admitted into the Global Swim Series, which connects swimmers from around the globe by creating a competitive and fun environment – exposing the destination to people from many countries around the world. Swimmers of all abilities and ages are encouraged to participate in this event with friends and family. The race consists of a single 1.25k loop and 3 or 4 loops for the longer distances. Afterwards spectators can head over to the Eva Mandarina Beach Club to enjoy a cold margarita.

VI International Beach Polo Cup, San Pancho
Date: TBD May

Combining the sport of kings with the beach has been a highly successful formula for the international positioning of the International Beach Polo Cup. This is the only polo competition that takes place so close to the water, as the players compete just a few yards from the waves in Flamingos. Participants include the best polo players in the country, as well as a handful of foreign competitors.

Wind Festival, Bucerias
Date: May 19 – 21

Bucerías, the Wind Surfing Capital of Riviera Nayarit, is celebrating its top sports competition during the Wind Festival, which is considered one of the top five most important of its kind in the world. Watching over 200 competitors riding the wind from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to Bucerías on the DownWind race is an amazing sight, as are the Freestyle and Slalom races.

The 2017 World Sailing Annual Conference, Nuevo Vallarta
Date: November 4-8

Riviera Nayarit won the bid against the United States and Russia to host the 2017 World Sailing Annual Conference, making this the destination’s most recent achievement as it begins its 10th Anniversary celebrations. This annual conference is held at a central meeting point to review, discuss and celebrate the strategy of sailing. Taking place at the Paradise Village hotel in Nuevo Vallarta, the event will host four hundred committee members and 700 attendees, as well as a variety of social and international events throughout the destination.

For more information on Riviera Nayarit, please visit

Investment of $1.5 B USD in farming this year in Mexico.

Investment of $1.5bn in farming this year

Industry association expects to maintain double-digit growth

Agricultural firms are set to invest US $1.5 billion this year in modernization and development, says the president of the National Agricultural Council (CNA).

In an interview with the newspaper Milenio, Bosco de la Vega Valladolid said the investment would focus on boosting protected farming, such as greenhouses, pressurized irrigation systems, revamping of storage facilities and logistics and certification strategies.

De la Vega said the boom being experienced by the industry — with exports worth almost US $30 billion a year — has attracted entrepreneurs from other industries who are eager to capitalize on it.

Commenting on international trade issues, he said it was more important than ever to complete a favorable renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) given the failure of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

“We want a good NAFTA, as well as having options in other markets, but if the U.S. imposes tariffs on Mexican products, [Mexico] has to do the same,” said de la Vega, giving corn as an example: “. . . if we have to pay tariffs on it, it would be more expensive than bringing it from South America.”

The CNA president stressed that Mexico must diversify its exports toward the Asian market. A nation such as South Korea, for example, imports $29 billion worth of produce, of which only $900 million comes from Mexico.

That figure could easily be doubled in a couple of years, he continued, with an adequate strategy, fewer tariffs or even by signing a free trade agreement with that nation.

The CNA’s goal is to maintain the sector’s double-digit annual growth, a target that can be reached if Mexico can develop new markets, de la Vega said.

The CNA is urging the federal government in general and the Agriculture Secretariat (Sagarpa) in particular to abstain from using Mexico’s “very successful” agricultural sector as a bargaining chip in the renegotiation of NAFTA.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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