Single Story For Sale in Punta de Mita, Bahia de Banderas

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•  411839 sqm single story FOR SALE  6611424 USD .
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7 Picos sobre Punta Mita es la oportunidad ideal de inversión para desarrolladores. Esta parcela tiene

Direcciones: Carretera Mita a Higuera Blanca 1era entrada FRENTE entrada a Litibu

7 Peaks on Punta Mita is the ideal investment opportunity for developers. This plot has

Directions: Mita Road to Higuera Blanca 1st entry FRONT entrance to Litibu

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Letting Life Simmer Down.

Letting Life Simmer Down

This week and last week, Gilberto’s lovely daughter from Canada joined us for a visit. She is already eighteen and just completed the first of many years of a fabulous college career that is so far proving to be, unsurprisingly, both grueling and expensive.  We invited her here because she works hard and rarely takes a break. She’s young and thus it seems like theoretically she should have at least a little fun once in awhile.

My kids are thrilled because it’s super cool to have a teenaged sister who knows all the stuff that their parents are too senile to possibly understand. I’m thrilled because I can talk to someone about Canadian things that they will know to be interesting/hilarious/comprehensible.  Gilberto is thrilled because she’s his eldest and his baby and his beautiful shining child that he hasn’t seen in a year.

So she’s gracious enough to come and let us stumble over ourselves to do things for her, and she even comes with stuff like Smarties and fidget spinners and Timbits (if you even just know one Canadian you’ll have heard of Tim Hortons and their fabled donut holes with magical properties of deliciousness).

If you are an expat in Mexico you will understand that sometimes, especially if you have kids in school, you get sort of caught up in routine things like work, laundry, food preparation, swimming lessons and cockroach trapping. It’s hard to remember that you live in a beautiful tropical city with an ocean practically lapping at your feet when you are folding school uniforms while shouting out homework tips to your ten-year-old.

But when people come to visit, especially people you really like, you have to start thinking of stuff for them to do so that they come back next year and bring more Timbits. We made a calendar up over dinner one night with cool activities like boat trips, pool days, restaurant meals, and jungle hikes. Then we lost that calendar when we tried cleaning up the house before she got here. Then we made another calendar, lost it as well, but found the original one.

I was focused on the goal that she come here and enjoy her only vacation of the year. We took her to dinner, to get her nails done, and to the Sheraton brunch. We went to our friends’ condo in Peninsula, and that’s where I found myself, finally, on a beach chair, trying to remember when the last time was that I sat on the beach just listening to the waves.

I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t remember when.

I could remember the last time I folded socks and didn’t match a single one (three weeks ago and every time since). I could remember when I laid my head on my arms at my desk after a long day and almost fell asleep (last week). I could remember when I tried making rice with vegetables and no one touched it and I wondered why I bothered even cooking for these people (yesterday).

And actually I could remember the last time I felt the sand in my toes, and watched a sunset, and had a dinner out alone with my husband after a day spent in the sun, but it felt like a really really long time ago, because I think it was.

So I looked at Gil’s daughter and I said “Thank you for this day.” I explained that I hadn’t been on a beach chair under a mini-palapa in quite awhile. Life just seemed to send me to the grocery store before the beach, but that while she was here I was finally just sitting down and letting my life simmer down for a second.

She grinned back and said “We all deserve it, you know.”

She’s a smart one.

Fun on the Riviera Nayarit, June 2017

Fun on the Riviera Nayarit


Hey Everyone! The summer is here and with the summer comes the rains, which are well needed at this time! The upcoming Summer Solstice 2017 will be on June 20 at 11:24pm in the northern hemisphere. What is the Summer Solstice? I know I am loving the longer days which will seem to continue through the summer. Although after the summer solstice the daylight will be waning. On Sunday, we celebrate the longest day of the year above the equator and it’s also the turning point where the sun will begin rise later and slide into the ocean earlier. The word “Solstice” comes from the Latin solsitium, which means “sun stands still”. The illusion of the sun standing still as it reaches its highest point in the sky is because the Earth is tilted as far as it can go towards the sun. This day marks the official first day of summer.

MARINA RIVIERA NAYARIT has their annual Summer Solstice Event coming our way on June 21 at 2pm.  It’s time to get ready for the Downwind Regatta and the Starship 8-person SUP at the La Cruz Marina. There is no charge to participate and some terrific prizes too. It’s a fun day for everybody of all ages. For more information contact Catalina Liana on her Facebook page.

Yaca (also spelled Yaka), or Jackfruit, and also known as Breadfruit is a super crazy looking bumpy fruit that looks like something that would be perhaps from another planet. It can weigh from 15-40 kilos.  This fruit is actually native to Southeast Asia, not Mexico; however, it grows quite well here.  One of the surprises is that it contains sildenafil, which is also the active ingredient in Viagra…jajaja. Although, I am not sure how much you need to eat to obtain the same effect!
Other terrific health advantages is that Yaca has a lot of protein, is packed with Vitamin A which is great for your hair and skin, also is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can strengthen your immune system. Yaca also has antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids that provide protection from cancer. Antioxidants in jackfruit protect the body from free radicals; loaded with potassium that maintains the sodium level in the body which helps to maintain fluid levels to balance electrolytes. Hence, it is useful to reduce high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack and a lot more!
The other surprise is that when you cut into Yaca fruit you are going to find first, it is one sticky latex mess more than any other food you have ever cut into! And about only 40% is edible. It has huge seeds and a sticky membrane that holds it all together.  Slathering your knife blade and hands with oil will help with this issue, and be sure to put down paper you can just throw away. (Use a lot of dish soap directly on hands and knife after.)
The fruit is separated by membranes and each pocket of fruit has a large seed. The fruit itself has a very tropical flavor..sort of mango/banana-ish…a flavor unique to itself for sure! You can pick it when its turns a nice lime green. It will only take a day or two to ripen. It will feel like a ripe avocado. Wait too long and you will know by the strong ripe smell.
I have one Yaca tree on the ranch. One tree is all you really need for the year as they bear a lot of fruit; very large fruit. When you cook Yaca it has a texture the same as shredded beef. My girlfriend and I decided to make North Carolina BBQ with Yaca.  She was the one who cut it all up, bless her heart! And we roasted the seeds in the oven. They came out pretty good! There are videos online to show you exactly how to get the fruit out easily. We put the fruit in the crock pot with garlic and onions and water allowing it to slow cook for most of the day while we went swimming and having fun. When we got back to the casa we then pulled it out and shredded it up a bit (just like meat) and added the BBQ sauce. We also made a yummy cabbage slaw. Getting the lightly toasted bread out of the oven we then made the BBQ Yaca burgers with the slaw…It really came out delicious and we certainly had a lot of leftovers. So, if you’re looking for a meat substitute and a really good BBQ dish that can feed a great many people try Yaca! And who knows, if you’re lucky it may have that other special effect on your guy as well!


Living the good life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Living the good life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

June 14, 2017

Working as crew on yachts around the world, my partner and I had the good fortune of experiencing diverse cultures and seeing stunning new places. 20 years ago, after a 6 month stint in Costa Rica, we immediately returned to Bahia de Banderas and bought our first little house for less than $20,000 usd. At the time, my Mexican friend commented, “Oh, so you bought in the barrio.” Of course, we soon discovered what she meant, as the loud, pulsating music blared all hours of the night and there was a steady stream of people walking by our door going to and from the outlying areas. It was our introduction to living in Mexico and owning that house anchored us to the North Shore for the next 20 years.

We had a stream of colorful expats staying in that house, when we weren’t able to be there, giving us a wealth of amusing and fun memories. We’ll never forget the sweet elderly couple, who used to hang out at Orca’s Restaurant/Bar on the beach in Bucerias. Our Mexican neighbors later told us shocking stories of them passed out drunk on the street in front of the house. They finally sobered up and moved back to the U.S. The German fellow that hosted winter solstice celebrations in our backyard, really had our Catholic neighbors concerned for fear of witchcraft or worst! And there were several young families with adorable children that we got to know, who warmed our hearts over the years!

15 years ago when we finally retired from crewing on yachts, we realized that we needed a more comfortable place to live, out of the barrio. As luck would have it, we purchased a spacious house in Bucerias that has been the perfect retirement location.

We invited a young bilingual Mexican man who had been living in the casita on the property to stay and help us with maintenance. Our experiences with him gave us more insight into the culture and people of Mexico. Unfortunately, he decided to leave one day with the furnishings, but the experience was worth the minor rip off. And yes, we’ve been ripped off more than once, but that can happen anywhere. Just be a little cautious about who you allow into your life.

We’ve had the same Mexican neighbors over the years and have watched their families grow and have seen them mature past “all night Banda/tequila parties” that shook our windows and disturbed our sleep. The 12 barking puppies on the other side of our wall, nearly drove us mad, but finally all found good homes and we soon returned to peace and “tranquilo.” And that family is now raising an adorable little boy. Across the street our Mexican neighbor sells Mary Kay Cosmetics and is always working hard to move ahead in life. The lots on our street have sold over the years and the new construction has also brought us more American and Canadian neighbors bringing the mix to about half nationals and half expats. So as you’ve probably guessed, our house isn’t in the tourist zone. For retirement, living away from the tourist zone has actually brought us closer to the people and culture of Mexico.

And during that time we’ve also had wonderful friendships with expats from around the world and gotten to know many Canadians. Even during the years that Americans were a little timid about showing up in Mexican, you couldn’t stop the landslide of Canadians escaping those bitter winters in the North.

Besides working on the house projects, we have become involved in the entertainment scene in Vallarta and the North Shore. I write promo articles and reviews of shows and musical events, which has added another exciting dimension to our lives here. Getting to know the entertainers and venue owners and being a part of that community has enriched our experience.

So how can I summarize our 20 year experience in Mexico? It’s been mostly good, occasionally a little challenging, but never boring. The old saying, “Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe,” has rung true for us in Mexico as it would almost anywhere in the world. The Mexican people deserve their good reputation as warm and welcoming and we have found a fun, interesting, safe and fulfilling retirement here.

It is definitely true, that happiness comes from within and contentment is achieved through good choices, service to others, following the path of peace and being true to oneself. And there’s no better place to achieve these things than in the Bahia de Banderas.

Puerto Vallarta Taxis promise better services after UBER announcement

Puerto Vallarta Taxis promise better services after UBER announcement

June 14, 2017

The Taxi Union of Puerto Vallarta held a news conference on the heels of an announcement from UBER that they will be operating in the tourist destination. At the news conference, the Taxi unions committed to publishing their rates, visual driver credentials, better service and acquiring new vehicles, including hybrids.

The Taxi Union has been successful over the last three years in keeping UBER out of the city, but on Monday the ride-sharing company surprised users with an announcement that they were seeking drivers for the popular Mexican beach destination.

While taxi drivers have promised to protest the arrival of UBER with blockades and protests, the arrival of the service has been expected for years.

Taxi services in Puerto Vallarta have been widely criticized for their price gauging of foreigners, erratic driving habits, violence, and willingness to sell drugs to their passengers.

“During my time in Puerto Vallarta, I have been offered drugs from area taxi drivers on an almost regular basis and have witnessed drivers having fist fights in the middle of the street over picking up fares and who arrived on the corner first,” one resident of Puerto Vallarta tells PVDN. “This isn’t every taxi driver, but enough that it should concern the people of Puerto Vallarta. If it takes UBER to force a cleanup of the local taxi services, it could be a good thing for our image with tourists,” he adds.

Taxi drivers also form partnerships with local businesses that encourage drivers to confuse tourists and deliver them to the wrong destinations and to the doorstep of the businesses willing to pay a commission to the taxi drivers.

As a personal experience, and owner of PVDN, when I first arrived in the city a decade ago, my first taxi ride was from the Hotel Zone, where I was living, to Archie’s Wok in the Romantic Zone. I informed the driver of my location, but it wasn’t until we arrived in the Romantic Zone that he told me that Archie’s Wok was out of business but he delivered me to the doorstep of La Palapa and recommended I eat there. I thought it was strange that the taxi driver walked me into La Palapa and told the host his name. It only made sense later when I took an after dinner walk and saw Archie’s Wok nearby, and open.

The arrival of UBER in Mexico has forced changes in transportation services in places like Guadalajara and Mexico City over the last several years with increased competition from the private sector.

However, the arrival of competition to the taxi and bus services in Mexico hasn’t been easy and never happens without protests and disruptions to transportation services.

Coming soon to PV: Uber vs. taxi drivers

Coming soon to PV: Uber vs. taxi drivers

Ride-hailing service looking for drivers, but taxis are preparing for battle

Uber's website announces its move into Puerto Vallarta.

Uber’s website announces its move into Puerto Vallarta.

There’s a battle brewing in Puerto Vallarta: Uber’s coming to town.

The app-based ride-hailing service announced on the weekend it would be setting up in the Jalisco city as well as in Nuevo Vallarta in the Riviera Nayarit.

The company has begun looking for drivers in both areas but has not announced a start date.

But as far as Puerto Vallarta’s taxi drivers are concerned, there won’t be one because Uber does not have the necessary authorization to operate in the municipality.

“If it’s necessary that we have to demonstrate we shall do so in a peaceful and respectful manner, but we’ll do it with all our families,” said Jaime Aguilar Mejía, general secretary of a local taxi drivers’ union.

He said there are some 3,000 taxi drivers in the municipality.

Local politician and former mayor Ramón Demetrio Guerrero is on their side and warned Uber’s presence would create a negative impact for many area families.

He issued a statement last week advising that legislation in both Jalisco and Nayarit doesn’t permit the ride-hailing service. Only taxis are allowed, Guerrero said, and there is no place for any other configuration.

Uber itself said it was “passionate about improving your city,” and promised to boost the local economy and make streets safer by reducing the number of drunk or distracted drivers.

It would also promote an environment that was more connected and less congested, the company said.

Another taxi union spokesman said drivers had been working with the state for three years to make sure they comply with certifications required by law. They are also developing a mobile platform to become more innovative, said Felipe Aréchiga Gómez.

Uber has faced off against angry taxi drivers in various Mexican cities. Among the most recent was a spat in Mazatlán.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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