Vibes & Vices: Pirate Ship Vallarta

Vibes & Vices: Pirate Ship Vallarta

In many major cities, there are attractions that the locals fancy themselves far too good for.

I spent some time in New York and never once made time for the Statue of Liberty. The Walk of Fame didn’t really appeal to me during my stint in LA. I spent summers in Atlanta as a child and still don’t much care for Coca-Cola, definitely not enough to tour the factory.

It’s that same blasé attitude that has kept me off the infamous pirate ship that lights up Vallarta evenings with a nightly invasion of pyrotechnics. We’ve all witnessed it at some point: the shadowy silhouette that slinks silently into view from the Malecon before firing off a fusillade of fireworks. That’s pretty much how you know it’s 9:30 around here, right?

I had never had a burning desire to set sail with randoms on a 3 hour tour–I’ve seen that end badly–but when the generally amazing Carol Ann invited me to join a group of visiting friends in doing the tourist thing, it was an easy decision…I wanna be a pirate.

The Vibes: El barco in question is the Marigalante, a 700-ton tribute to the Santa Maria, the ship that brought Columbus and his lot to the new world after they went through all the proper immigration channels. The vessel made an impressive sight on the horizon as we were processed through the search and security area to make our way to the docking point.

Cap’n Charlotte led  her scurvy crew and the assembled landlubbers through the open water adventure, bantering with her drunken second mate the whole time. A friend of mine won a contest by popping a balloon with her buttocks and was also placed in the brig for a time in an unrelated incident, and I believe that serves as a handy encapsulation of the evening.

The Vices: Due to my fuzzy recollection of the festivities, this section functions best as a timeline. I didn’t check my watch much, but have devised an alternate tracking system.

Drink 1 (rum x Coke): Our standing drink orders were taken on the way to the ship, and while I did just endanger any potential Coca-Cola sponsorship earlier in this piece, I can honestly say it’s much more enjoyable when diluted with booze. *bigsmile, thumbs up*

The drinks were handed to us almost immediately after taking our seats for the show, setting the tone for some high times on the high seas.

Drink 4 (Captain Morgan shot): It was here when I discovered the crew’s resident borracho was so committed to his method acting that the bottle he was carrying around was actually full of liquor. I asked for a swig o’ the swill and was enthusiastically obliged.

Drink 5 (rum x Coke): Sampling my drink and finding far too much cola for my taste, I asked for another and was indeed given another. They didn’t even take the original away, so there I sat on the upper deck of a Spanish galleon, multicolored hair fluttering in the wind as I sipped on my stereo cocktails and watched the shores of Vallarta roll by. Truly I was a god among men.

Drink 7/8 (glass of beer served alongside a glass of red wine, sailor style): The next sips came alongside dinner, and you know what, it actually wasn’t bad. Certainly not the worst food I’ve had on a cruise. If I had it to do again, I’d choose the steak & lobster meal. Not that the chicken Cordon Bleu was disappointing, I just figured it would be the most difficult dish to make terrible. I’m happy to report that bunch of pirates earned a bit of my trust here.

Drink 9 (rum x Coke): After dinner in the galley we all headed back up top to take in the sunset, which is beautiful from the beach but spectacular from the ship’s deck. I also took in another drink, and this is about where things got a bit hazy.

Drink ? (probably rum x Coke): I believe this is when the mutiny took place. One of the crew’s saltiest sea dogs was apparently tired of Cap’n Charlotte’s ship, and resolved to make it his own by taking command. He swung in on her with a rope, which is an entrance I have to use one day.

Drink ?? (unknown tequila): Like I said, my memories of this evening aren’t the best, but they are the greatest. More shanties, more swashbuckling, more shots. Also, fireworks, remember?

Drink ??? (probably rum x Coke): The rebellion was quashed, and the traitor made to walk the plank. The sea is a cruel mistress, and so is Cap’n Charlotte…First Mate Judas was tossed overboard with a graceful dive, where I assume he drowned.

After a few hours on the bay and what had to have been the better part of a 750mL bottle, we pulled back into the marina and were officially christened pirates by our captain. Cheesy? Yeah, sure…but there’s nothing wrong with cheese unless you are cursed with lactose intolerance, in which case, poor you.

The Verdict: Obviously consuming eleventeen adult beverages in less than one-eighth of a day is not an equation that’s going to work out for you very often, but my lack of self-control is hardly the fault of the attraction itself. If a night of nautical nonsense is what you’re after, there’s hardly a better place to find it than with these Banderas Bay buccaneers. Maybe I’ll catch you there…drinking responsibly, of course.

Learn more about the tours available and purchase tickets for the Marigalante Pirate Ship on their website.

From Here, May 26, 2018

From Here

Everybody eating well out there? Restaurant Week is such a food bonus for springtime in Vallarta, following in the footsteps of the Festival Gourmet that draws foodies from all over the world in early winter. Vallarta has come a long, long way in the past 25 years. Georgia Darehshori from Casa Karma and I spent hours and hours enjoying lunch, the atmosphere, and mostly each other’s chatter at De Cantero last week. She and husband Gholi attended the single performance of “Don Quijote” at Teatro Vallarta, and while we saw each other briefly before curtain, I didn’t have a chance after to ask how she enjoyed it. I thought it was glorious! What a gift Guadalajara-based Jalisco Ballet gave Vallarta in one stunningly lovely performance. The costumes were colorful with much tulle, velvet, and satin flying across the stage and I fell hard in love with principal dancer Esnel Ramos. Magnificent legs. The corps de ballet was superb in timing, and no one stepped out of character, not for a second. And, the dancers want to come back to Vallarta! I was, for two hours, held spellbound by the incredible beauty and athleticism of every single dancer onstage and there were fifty of them! Bravos, standing ovation, thank you for coming, next time I WILL take roses, bunches of them. I think this just might be the start of something…

There are still a few performances of “Torch Song” at the Boutique Community Theatre over Nacho Daddy on Basilio Badillo. Presented in honor of Gay Pride, it is a rare glimpse into the often harrowing history of homosexuals and their families in New York City in the 70’s.

Incanto has put together two of Vallarta’s finest guitarists – Zoe Wood and Eduardo Leon. The Vallarta Garden Club members filled the piano bar one evening last week to enjoy the new duo’s performance, and the delicious hors-d’oeuvres owner Tracy Parks insists we have every time we meet at Incanto!

My dear friend Susan from Calgary is back in town for May’s Festivities. She brought me some goodies from my sister Patrice so watch for the new fabulous purple sandals! We’ll be taking in all the parades and heading to the Botanical Gardens one afternoon before she returns to Canada.

One more week and Vallarta will celebrate two significant milestones: 50 years as a City and 100 as a Municipality.

Enjoy the festivities, the fireworks, and the cake; the music and the dance. Be kind to our extraordinary place on this earth and always to one other, From Here.

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Pride Vallarta: One Hundred Reasons to Celebrate!

Pride Vallarta: One Hundred Reasons to Celebrate!

American Legion To Sponsor Free Memorial Day Event For Veterans

 American Legion To Sponsor Free Memorial Day Event For Veterans

Sponsored by the American Legion, Steve’s Sports Bar will host a Memorial Day event, offering a hot dog, hamburger and one drink, for free, to every U.S. military veteran who wishes to attend. There will also be a 50/50 raffle for prizes.

  • When: Monday, May 28 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Where: Steve’s Sports Bar 276 Basilio Badillo in Old Town.

The purpose of the event is to honor the men and women who served in the U.S. military, especially those that gave their lives. Plus, there is still the opportunity to mix in the traditional festive spirit and good times the holiday brings.

The American Legion is a non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted to the needs of U.S. military veterans and their communities. Legion Post 14 serves veterans and their families in the Puerto Vallarta area.

The Legion welcomes any and all armed services veterans to take part in the event, and if they wish, learn more about the benefits of American Legion membership.

Everything you need to know about Puerto Vallarta’s history, and how to celebrate its centennial anniversary.

Everything you need to know about Puerto Vallarta’s history, and how to celebrate its centennial anniversary.

Puerto Vallarta is celebrating. The reason: we are a few days from the 100th anniversary of its promulgation as a municipality. To celebrate it, various events have been scheduled to entertain the public, which covers a wide range of ages, with different interests and demands. We present some curiosities about the destination and the program of activities that you can not miss.

What you should know about Puerto Vallarta

1. This municipality has its origins in 1851, was created by the need to have a port in front of the Bay of Banderas that favored the mining towns of the mountains.

2. Originally it was attributed the name of “Las Peñas” due to a geographical feature: Las Peñas that seem to emerge from the sea in front of Mismaloya, popularly known as “Los Arcos”.

3. On May 31, 1918 the creation of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta was promulgated.

4. “La Noche de la Iguana” was filmed, so the names of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and John Huston were forever linked to Puerto Vallarta.

5. The Municipality of Puerto Vallarta is characterized by a mountain architecture that can be enjoyed 100%, since it is the only municipality that totally prohibits advertising that affect or invade facilities and infrastructure.

6. The historical center is located next to the sea, a feature that differentiates it from many other coastal populations of Mexico.

Now, Let’s celebrate!

To celebrate the Centennial of the municipality during the month of May, two event schedules were created.

The first includes cultural, tourist and sports activities, such as the “Centennial Expo” amusement park, with rides for those looking for a bit of adrenaline (May 18 to June 3). There will also be exhibitions, such as “The trunk of memories” of the photographer Arturo Pasos, who seeks to give a perspective of the past through characters that have marked the history of the place, and “Cultural journey through the towns of the west coast of Mexico” ; both will open on May 25 at the Hotel Rosita. On May 29 the “Colloquium on the Archeology and History of Puerto Vallarta” will take place, and on the 30th the documentary “More Than the Beach, Puerto Vallarta” will be presented at the Auditorium of the Vallartense Institute of Culture.

To close this program the Magno parade “Centenario de Puerto Vallarta” will take place on May 30 and 31, so the streets will be full of music, colors and dance.

The second program is the “Mayo Fest” (from May 26 to 31) with which Puerto Vallarta will be immersed in music, with the Bomba Estéreo concert and various shows by local bands. To close the celebrations of the Centennial with a flourish, Pepe Aguilar will perform along with his daughter Angela Aguilar on May 31, the day on which the centennial of Puerto Vallarta is officially celebrated.

Other events that are approaching

Restaurant week

In the gastronomic festival of Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit (started on May 15 and ends on June 10) a total of 59 restaurants will participate, serving three-course menus with a variety of cuisine, both traditional Mexican and other countries. More about Restaurant Week Puerto Vallarta

Beach volleyball

From May 25 to 27, the Puerto Vallarta Mexican Beach Volleyball Open will take place for the second time, at Playa Camarones. It is expected that during the tournament, athletes from all over the Mexican Republic. The prize is $120 thousand pesos to distribute among the winners of each category.

Vallarta Pride 2018

A festival is held every year to pay tribute to the LGBTTI community is Vallarta Pride. For 7 days (from May 20 to 27) art and culture events, concerts, film screenings, beach parties and lots of fun will be offered under the motto “100 reasons to celebrate”.

The strength of the dollar against the peso is the main reason for foreigners buying real estate in Mexico right now.

The strength of the dollar against the peso is the main reason for foreigners buying real estate in Mexico right now. In 2016 and 2017 the number of closed sales to foreigners rose to 1,105 on an annual average. From 2008 to 2015 it was 663 on average, according to information obtained through a Transparency request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE); so far in 2018 there are 290 properties sold to foreigners.

This investment occurs mainly in the historic centers of colonial cities such as San Miguel de Allende, as well as in the border strip and beach destinations, such as Los Cabos and Cancun.

Mexico ranks first of 30 in favorite US and Canadian destinations for second home searches, according to research conducted by the property portal Point2 Homes. From January 2017 to January 2018, the most sought after locations on Google were beaches such as Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, as well as destinations such as San Miguel de Allende.

For this year it is estimated that there will be between 1,300 and 1,500 home acquisitions by foreigners, which represents a growth of almost 30%, said Miguel Ángel Lemus Mateos, director of Lemmus Resort Real Estate México.

Currently, the housing inventory of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) is 420,000 housing units, and foreign investment operations represent 3%.

For some time now, several entities of the real estate market in the country have been looking for the modification of the constitutional Article 27, which would facilitate the purchase of properties by foreigners. This is because it would have a positive impact on the sector, especially in relation to tourist housing, since there would be an increase of 30% in sales of these properties.

The information provided through the Transparency Unit only refers to the total of transactions, but not to the location or payment for the property, adhering to the provisions of the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Government Public Information and its Regulations, as well as the Internal Regulation of the SRE, with the purpose of safeguarding and protecting the property of the client.

The Riviera Nayarit will shine as one of the best destinations for Kiteboard sporting with Wind Festival 2018

Wind Festival 2018

The Riviera Nayarit will shine as one of the best destinations for Kiteboard sporting with Wind Festival 2018, the ninth edition of the event held in the area. This year the event will take place from May 18 to 20 at the beach in Flamingos-Nuevo Vallarta .

The Kiteboard, also called Kitesurf or Flysurfing, brings together the best of two passions: surfing and skydiving, and is characterized by the colorful kites and the impressive maneuvers of the riders.

The Wind Festival is considered one of the 20 best tournaments of its kind in the world and among the five best in Mexico, thanks to the excellent natural conditions of the Bay of Banderas, as well as the connectivity and tourist infrastructure of Riviera Nayarit.

Alejandro Ochoa, director of the Festival, said that this event began in 2011 with the initiative of the Mexican Kiteboard Association to create a space in Mexico where this sport was promoted, for which the beach of Bucerías was chosen, far exceeding the expectations of the Organizing Committee due to the large influx of registered people, both participants and spectators.

For 2016, he added, he was already included in the list of the 100 Imperdibles in Mexico, in the Moments and Events category, and for the eighth edition, in 2017, he had broken the participation record with 250 registered riders.

In this ninth edition it is expected the participation of 300 competitors from different parts of Mexico and the world, around 5,000 spectators and 100 media.

The Wind Festival 2018 includes all categories in the different branches: Freestyle, Downwind, Slalom, Big Air, Long Distance and Foil Regatta.


Friday 18: Freestyle Pro Qualifiers; Freestyle Old School Qualifying; Freestyle Women’s Qualifying; Big Air Qualifiers

Saturday 19: 1st Round Freestyle Pro; 1st Round Freestyle Old School; Downwind; Slalom; Women’s Freestyle Final.

Sunday 20: Long Distance Regatta; Freestyle Pro Finals; Finals Freestyle Old School; Big Air Finals.

More information at: