AMLO celebrates Senate vote to abolish the fuero

'No more protection for corrupt politicians,' reads the sign of a supporter of eliminating the fuero.‘No more protection for corrupt politicians,’ reads the sign of a supporter of eliminating the fuero.

AMLO celebrates Senate vote to abolish the fuero

Eliminating protection from prosecution for politicians moves a step closer

President López Obrador expressed satisfaction this morning with the Senate’s approval of two constitutional amendments that end immunity from prosecution for the president, senators and deputies by eliminating what is known as the fuero,

Yesterday, a nearly unanimous vote by 111 senators approved the amendments, under which the president and members of Congress can be held accountable for treason, corruption, election fraud and other serious crimes such as homicide, rape, kidnapping, involvement with organized crime and human trafficking.

Only one senator voted against the initiative.

The president called the decision, which he first proposed to Congress in December, a landmark.

“This has not appeared [in the law] since the constitution of 1824. With these amendments, after being ratified by the House of Deputies and state congresses, it will be possible to bring criminal charges against a president.”

The president urged lawmakers in the lower house to seize the opportunity to expand accountability even further.

“Since this reform is going on to the Chamber of Deputies, I hope they will add [a clause] so that state governors can be held accountable in this way, too, so that we can put an end to corruption and impunity.”

After a vote by deputies the amendments will need approval by a simple majority of the states, or 17 of the 32, before becoming law.

Source: El Financiero (sp), Excélsior (sp)

More and more Baby Boomers are moving to Mexico for retirement

More and more Baby Boomers are moving to Mexico for retirement

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Morgan Hill, California – A new “Expats In Mexico” online survey of people who are considering moving to Mexico found that 81 percent of Baby Boomer respondents said they will retire in Mexico, nearly 52 percent within two years.

“It’s not surprising that so many Baby Boomers, primarily from the U.S. and Canada, are considering retiring in Mexico,” said Robert Nelson, Expats In Mexico co-founder and author of Boomers in Paradise – Living in Puerto Vallarta. “I discovered this trend 11 years ago while researching my book and it has just continued to pick up steam.”

The Mexican government reported over 1.2 million expats were living in Mexico through 2017, the latest figure available. The 2000 Mexican census data showed just under 540,000 expats in Mexico. Americans represented over 80 percent of all expats living in Mexico two years ago, nearly 900,000.

Retirement is the main reason why Boomers and all respondents want to move to Mexico. Both groups also rated cost of living and better climate as top reasons to move.

“Mexico as a retirement destination for Baby Boomers makes sense,” Nelson said. “According to a recent report by the Stanford Center on Longevity, U.S. Baby Boomers hold less wealth, are deeper in debt and will face higher expenses than retirees a decade older than them. Why not live better in a nicer climate?”

But all is not perfect south of the border. About 45 percent of all respondents and Boomers say security issues in Mexico might be a concern for them. Lack of Spanish language skills and quality of healthcare were less important considerations.

Both Baby Boomers and all respondents selected Puerto Vallarta as their destination of choice, followed by the Lake Chapala area and Los Cabos. About 38 percent of all respondents and Boomers chose a wide variety of other locations in Mexico.

The self-selected online survey was completed by 337 respondents in January and February 2019. Respondents were primarily Americans and Canadians.

You can find more survey results at, an online magazine designed for both expats currently living in Mexico and aspiring expats considering moving to Mexico.


Mexico overtakes Canada, moves into 12th place among top exporters

Mexico's export growth placed it ahead of Canada last year.Mexico’s export growth placed it ahead of Canada last year. EL ECONOMISTA

Mexico overtakes Canada, moves into 12th place among top exporters

It is the first time that Mexico’s exports have exceeded those of Canada

The value of exports from Mexico increased by 10.1% in 2018 to US $450.92 billion, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), while its Canadian counterpart, Statistics Canada, said that Canadian exports totaled US $449.85 billion, an increase of 6.9% compared to 2017.

It marks the first time that the value of Mexican exports has exceeded that of Canada.

With total exports of just under US $2.5 trillion, China was easily the world’s biggest exporter last year, according to World Trade Organization (WTO) data.

The United States and Germany were the second and third biggest exporters, with total foreign sales of US $1.66 trillion and $1.55 trillion respectively.

Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Belgium took out positions 4th to 11th.

The biggest contributors to Mexico’s export earnings were cars, petroleum, computers, auto parts, trucks, electrical conductors and televisions.

Mexico achieved strong export growth in 2018 even as tough negotiations to reach a new North American trade agreement continued to take place, creating uncertainty about the future of its relationship with its largest trading partner, the United States.

The leaders of Mexico, the United States and Canada finally signed a new trade pact on November 30 but it won’t take effect until it has been ratified by the legislatures of the three countries.

Both Mexico and Canada are pushing for the removal of the United States’ tariffs on steel and aluminum before moving to ratify the agreement.

Source: El Economista (sp) 

Single Story For Sale in Icon, Puerto Vallarta

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The town of Tequila’s best-kept secret: the elusive Blue Falls

The pool at the foot of the second waterfall at Blue Falls.The pool at the foot of the second waterfall at Blue Falls.

The town of Tequila’s best-kept secret: the elusive Blue Falls

It was a waterfall you’d expect to find in the Garden of Eden, wide and wispy, with a sunlit blue-green pool at its foot

Besides being the home of Mexico’s most famous drink, the town of Tequila was added to the list of the country’s Pueblos Mágicos, or magical towns, in 2003.

Although Tequila’s streets are not exactly quaint, it is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. On one side of town you have the massive Volcán de Tequila rising to 2,920 meters (9,580 feet) above sea level, while directly on the other side of the city lie the sheer walls of a great canyon 600 meters deep.

While cold — if not icy — winds blow at the top of the volcano, exuberant tropical vegetation flourishes on the hot and humid floor of Barranca La Toma.

Many years ago I managed to climb to the top of the far wall of La Toma canyon. Dripping with sweat and covered with dust, I gazed across the lush valley filled with the kind of jungle you’d only expect on the shores of the Amazon, and there on the opposite side, directly below the town of Tequila, I could just barely make out a tall, wispy waterfall.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be standing at the bottom of that!” I told my friends, and thus began my 20-year search for that distant, beckoning cascade.

The trail to the falls, through fields of blue agaves.

The trail to the falls through fields of blue agaves.

We soon learned that we what we were looking for was called Los Azules, the Blue Falls, but nobody seemed to know exactly how to get to them.

Fifteen years later, we got a clue. “You know that waterfall you’re always talking about — Los Azules? Well, I heard that the people down at Santo Toribio know how to reach it.”

I talked my wife into joining me and off we went down a very steep road to a tiny settlement at the bottom of Barranca La Toma, which boasts a grandiose church in the middle of the jungle. This is the shrine of Santo Toribio, a martyr killed in the Cristeros War.

After visiting the saint’s spartan lodgings, we mentioned Los Azules to some local children. Their eyes lit up. “We know the way — vámonos!” they said, practically dragging us on to a narrow path through an exotic landscape. Well, the path got steeper and steeper, the humidity got higher and higher, the mud got slipperier and slipperier and all of a sudden we were overlooking a chocolate-colored roaring river.

“Now what?” we asked our little guides.

“We have two choices,” they replied. “We can swim or we can try to cross the bridge.”

Canyoneer Luis Medina checks out the view atop fall No. 2.

Canyoneer Luis Medina checks out the view atop fall No. 2.

Well, the “bridge” was a precariously balanced tree trunk spanning the river which, by the way, smelled anything but inviting. Admitting that our adventurous spirit was was not quite up to the standards of those little country kids, we gave up.

That 20-year search for an easy way to reach Los Azules ended quite by accident when I bumped into canyoneering guide Luis Medina.

“John, that waterfall you’ve been calling ‘elusive’ is only a half-hour walk from Tequila — and, guess what, it’s not one waterfall but three — and all of them very impressive. I’ll show you the trail this coming Friday.”

A few days later, Luis picked me up and off we drove to Tequila. We parked only one kilometer from the highway and began walking through gorgeous fields of blue-green agaves, along a road dotted with chunks of high-quality black obsidian.

At the end of the road we had been following we started down a narrow, steep trail surrounded by jungly growth. Suddenly we came to a clearing and there, far below us in all its splendor, lay the huge valley of La Toma, framed by high, red canyon walls.

“Welcome to the Machu Pichu of Tequila,” announced Luis.

  • 14—The-Champ
    Taking a shower at the foot of fall No. 3, 70 meters high.
  • 1—a-Los-Azules-seen-from-afar-LM
  • 2—b#in-view-of-Tequila-Volcano
  • 4—b2-Machu-Picchu-trail
  • 5—c-steep-trail
  • 7—Capturing-F2-on-Canvas
  • 8—Dragonfly
  • 9—Having-fun-at-Fall-3
  • 10—Little-Guides-at-Santo-Toribio
  • 12—Luis-photo-of-blue-dragonfly
  • 13—Pool-at-Fall-1
  • 14—The-Champ

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the kind of waterfall I would expect to find in the Garden of Eden. It was 40 meters tall, wide and wispy, with a sunlit blue-green pool at its foot that beckoned us to jump right in for a swim — which, of course, we wasted no time in doing. The water, by the way, comes from springs near the top of the canyon and is perfectly clean.

To our surprise, the pool temperature was neither hot nor cold, but pleasantly cool. As we swam and played in the water, dozens of blue and red dragonflies danced in the air above us, exactly like the birds and butterflies in a Walt Disney movie.

In fact, the whole scene was more like a dream than reality and to top it off, we had this paradise all to ourselves the whole time we were there, which was most of the day.

“Luis,” I said, “this is heaven! In the U.S.A. this would be a national park with no-swimming signs and hundreds of tourists filing by just to get a glimpse of paradise.”

“You know,” replied Luis, “that’s just what my clients tell me when I bring them here — these falls are even more enticing when you’re rappelling down them.”

Luis mentioned that the flow of water in Los Azules is more or less the same all year round and also during storms. This means you don’t have to worry about flash floods in this canyon, as you must in many others.

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I have been describing waterfall No. 2, which is very attractive and relatively easy to reach. There are, of course, a grand total of three, which explains why the name of the place is Los Azules and not El Azul.

The first fall is around 60 meters high but only operates right after a storm while the third is 70 meters tall and, like the second, runs all year round.

My Los Azules Falls trail aims to get you to the bottom of the second waterfall, but GPS coverage is poor in this part of La Toma canyon and you might end up at any one of the three falls. Don’t worry: each of them is an adventure!

If you’d like to have Los Azules all to yourself, visit this site on a workday, not on the weekend (especially Sunday), when a lot of people from Tequila hike down to take a dip. Whatever you do, don’t forget your swimsuit and a camera!

The writer has lived near Guadalajara, Jalisco, for more than 30 years and is the author of A Guide to West Mexico’s Guachimontones and Surrounding Area and co-author of Outdoors in Western Mexico. More of his writing can be found on his website.

Multiplex For Sale in Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta

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Great opportunity to invest on a profitable building located on a corner of a centric area of Puerto Vallarta. Walking distance from the farmers market of Lázaro Cárdenas you can find fresh vegetables, food and bussiness on general.

This bulding has been built on the crossing of Danubio and Brasilia Street and has a high flow of people and vehicles and two blocks from there is Libramiento highway that takes you to Down Town.The property has 3 apartments of 2 bedrooms, 2 commercial spaces and parking spaces on the street. It has all the services and contracts for water, electricity, internet. The units are already rented so you will have incomes returning your investment.

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Gran oportunidad de invertir en un edificio rentable ubicado en una esquina de un área céntrica de Puerto Vallarta. A poca distancia del mercado de agricultores de Lázaro Cárdenas, puedes encontrar verduras frescas, comida y negocios en general.

Este edificio se construyó en el cruce de las calles Danubio y Brasilia y tiene un gran flujo de personas y vehículos, ya dos cuadras de allí se encuentra la carretera Libramiento que lo lleva al centro de la ciudad. La propiedad cuenta con 3 apartamentos de 2 habitaciones, 2 espacios comerciales y Plazas de parking en la calle.

Cuenta con todos los servicios y contratos de agua, electricidad, internet. Las unidades ya están alquiladas, por lo que tendrá ingresos para devolver su inversión.

Denos la oportunidad de mostrar esta propiedad, llámenos por teléfono!

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Salud! National Tequila Day is coming up on Saturday

Next Saturday is National Tequila Day.Next Saturday is National Tequila Day.

Salud! National Tequila Day is coming up on Saturday

The celebration begins today in Guadalajara with Tequila Cocktail Week

Restaurants and tequila producers in Guadalajara, Jalisco, are preparing to say “Salud!” and celebrate the first-ever Tequila Cocktail Week.

Following the approval last year by the federal Congress to celebrate National Tequila Day on the third Saturday of March, 25 “iconic” restaurants and 15 tequila producers have joined together to celebrate for an entire week, starting today and concluding on Saturday.

The president of the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT) said that special tequila-based cocktails will be prepared in the restaurants with 40 different brands provided by producers.

Twenty-four amateur mixologists from around the country will also get the chance to show their prowess in a cocktail contest.

Visitors to the capital of Jalisco will have the opportunity to visit the Tequila Route and the Altos de Jalisco, the two main tequila-producing regions in the state.

“The celebration of this date makes the industry and the whole country proud; our beverage is found in over 120 countries, and at least 70,000 people are involved in its production, a sign of its importance in the cultural and economic development of our country,” said Rodolfo González González.

National tequila production last year was 300 million liters, 222 million of which were exported. It has been predicted that tequila will be the second fastest growing alcoholic beverage in terms of sales growth internationally by 2021, behind whisky.

Source: El Economista (sp)

The Vallarta Tribune, Readers Choice Awards, for the Puerto Bay

I am so proud that to share that we have the #1 agent, in the entire Bay Area, Dana Scapa!  The second year in a row!!  Over 300 agents …

Our companies; RE/MAX Sites Marina and RE/MAX Destiny, also won the 2nd best agency in the bay!!

This is incredible to me, as there is an agency with 50 agents, and another agency that sells over 50 Million USD per year.

I can only say that our offices focuses upon our clients and that is the only goal.

If the readers of the Vallarta Tribune think this much about Dana Scapa and my company, please think about us for any real estate in the Vallarta area.

This award was generated by the readers of the Vallarta Tribune; the most read local paper in the Puerto Vallarta area.


Todd Bates

Expats Ad, Mar 2019


Vallarta Tribune, 2019, Best


Single Story For Sale in Boca de Tomatlan, Puerto Vallarta

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Private beach and Yacht dock!

•  1923 sqm single story FOR SALE  USD699,000 .
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Fabulously located property spans from the highway to the waterfront. There is a small home, 2+2, 146.88 M2, storage shed, and another beginnings of construction near the driveway. Lush jungle with many shade trees. Build your dream home with private beach and dock for your yacht. Driveway on the property and stairs to the water.
Private Remarks: Waiting on CUS and COS from Planning Department.

La propiedad, con una ubicación fabulosa, se extiende desde la carretera hasta el paseo marítimo. Hay una casa pequeña, 2 + 2, 146.88 M2, cobertizo de almacenamiento y otros inicios de construcción cerca del camino de entrada. Exuberante selva con muchos árboles de sombra. Construye la casa de tus sueños con una playa privada y un muelle para tu yate. Calzada en la propiedad y escaleras al agua.

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