The Corona Virus Situation in Puerto Vallarta.

The Corona Virus Situation in Puerto Vallarta.

RE/MAX Puerto Vallarta, with our two offices, have chosen to close our offices for the foreseeable future, starting on March 17, 2020.

Even though our office areas are closed, our agents are alway available for questions and comments.

The reason for this strong decision is simply that we all live in a vacation area and we have between 5,000 to 20,000 new persons coming each day.

Of course, the arrivals have dropped dramatically, but we are still being pro-active; if any of my agents are working with clients, they are all, using the protocol of social distancing, no direct touching, anti-bacterial lotion and constant hand-washing.

With all due respect to the government of Mexico, as well as the general population of Mexico; they have not embraced the gravity of this situation.

We are doing this until we see the downturn in curve of infections.

With that said, we shall continue to use these precuations, for several months into the future. 

We live in an incredible area and town, Puerto Vallarta, and I am so fortunate to live here, especially when we are in this world-wide situation.

We are in another 5 day “Stay in your Home” direction from the Governor of Jalisco.

There are so many incredible persons and companies, stepping up to assist anyone persons that need something, if they cannot get out of their home.

If you are here, or reading this from abroad, please just take time to call your friends and families.  Just a 5 or 10 minute call.  Just to ask how they are doing and that you are thinking about them.  

With the fear and concern around us, all the time, a calming phone call, would be so important to those that not sure about what is going on.

From my point of view, and with the appropriate measures of social distancing and hand-washing, etc., a phone call; a sincere phone call, would be a great relief for those that are not seeing or feeling any future or positivity for their future.

Thank you for reading my message and I wish you and your families well.

Todd Bates

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