How To Obtain A Mexican Residency Visa Or ‘Green Card’

How To Obtain A Mexican Residency Visa Or ‘Green Card’

There is a lot of confusion regarding the process to obtain a Visa so that you can apply for your ‘Green Card’, and rightfully so!   While not a difficult process, each embassy or consulate has its own interpretations of the requirements.

First, it is not possible to obtain a Visa in Mexico, unless you are applying through a family member or spouse who is a Mexican citizen or holds a current residency visa.  Second, and again depending upon the embassy or consulate, it is not necessary to apply for a Visa in the country that your passport was issued.   Technically, any Mexican embassy or consulate can issue a Visa.   However, not all US embassies will process a Canadian passport, and vice versa.

Contact the embassy or consulate that is most convenient and ask what financial paperwork they require. Some will ask for twelve months worth of financial statements, some six. Their main goal is to vet your financial history and be sure that you will not negatively impact their economy.

What are the requirements to obtain a Visa? 

If you have a job offer from a licensed Mexican business that has a employer ID registration number within the Mexican Immigration Service, are marrying a Mexican national, approved humanitarian reasons, or you are a retiree or pensioner that meets the minimum financial requirements.

Financial requirements:

For a Permanent ‘Green Card’– Retirees or pensioners that meet or exceed $2,100 US per month, or have bank account minimum balance averaging, or assets averaging  $85,000 (some embassies require six months of statements as proof, others 12). Permanent residency is also granted to anyone owning property in Mexico valued at $3.2 million pesos or more.   The procedures listed above still must be followed.

Temporary ‘Green Card’ applicants are required to have a net monthly income of $1,200 monthly or assets averaging $25,000 for the same time period as above.

How long does the process take?  In many cases, the entire application can be completed in one day. However, it may take up to 10 days.

Once the Visa has been obtained, you have 180 days to return to Mexico to initiate the process for your residency visa. The application must begin within 30 days of your arrival. The website for the Mexican Visa application is

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