The Real Liquid Gold: Homemade Maple Syrup.

Hi to all,

I, Todd Bates, have just been gifted an incredible item from my uncle, Simon Bates.

It is handmade Maple Syrup (Canadian spelling!), that he tapped over 40 maple trees, and then after bringing the 40 sap buckets to the shed, then he cooked the sap for over 8 hours, to just get, maybe 1 litre of real maple syrup.  2 days just for 1 litre.

The time line is only some weeks, when the weather is just right.

When a family makes something, it has more value, emotionally, and I am truly fortunate that I have received this gift.

I have already called him to say thank you.

He gave something with no expectation of any reply.

We can all do that, everyday.   With our lives and choices.

I choose to live by example; such as with our community service events and assisting our needed areas.

Our life is so short, but we can be so powerful and effective, if we choose to do so.

It is entirely a choice of how we live and what we leave behind, when we are gone.

I am fortunate to see that now.


Todd Bates

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