How RE/MAX Puerto Vallarta does showings now

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Just an update on how RE/MAX Puerto Vallarta does showings during this strange and new time in our Puerto Vallarta real estate market.

There are times when if the agent does not feel comfortable with the clients being in the car with them, due to the area they have come from.

So we pay for them to take an Uber or Taxi to meet at the location.  Some agents have rented cars for the clients, to make it even easier for everyone.

All of our agents and our clients wear masks at all times during, before and after showings; to protect all persons involved.  If someone does have one, we provide it or them.

All of our agents carry hand-santizers and provide them to all parties before, during and after showings.  Again, to protect the persons involved, as well as the sellers property.

In addition, our agents have been performing virtual showings, where the agent literally walks through the property, with a live video call to the buyer to illustrate all of the elements, the views and take any questions and comments; again, live on the phone.

While we are in a quieter time, as per the time of the year, there are sales going on each week, with our office, as well with the other professional offices.

We are professionals and take all the precautions needed for the respect of all persons.

If you have any questions or comments, we are always available to you.

To view a few of our listings:

For 55,000 USD, a great and affordable condo, please click here.

For 195,000 USD, two blocks to the beach and brand new condo, please click here.

For a new Home, in Nuevo Vallarta, asking 215,000 USD, please click here.

Of course, we have access to all new and existing listings in the entire Bay region.


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