Safety Protocols

Hi to all,

I hope you are all practicing the three protocols of safety for others and your family.

Social Distancing

Wear a mask if you must to go out.

Clean yourself before you enter your home, and most importantly, clean everything that you bring into your home.  Keeping a safe home environment is crucial.

I feel that I need to let you in on a few experiences that I have had in the last few days. 

Two days ago, I went into the Puerto Vallarta, Walmart located at the cruise ship terminal area and while a few of the staff were wearing face masks, none of the cashiers were. The manager was not wearing gloves or a face mask.

I asked the cashier why she was not wearing a mask or gloves because in her position she cannot practice of social distancing. She responded, “We only wear them if we are sick.”

Because I am a math guy I figured the following: the average cashier works with approximately 15 to 20 clients or so per hour during their shift, they will probably interact with between 100 to 140 persons per day. It is an inevitability that each cashier will become ill, for simply not wearing a face mask. We have already seen happening in other countries.

I also went into the Marina Oxxo on the Marina Malecon recently, and no one was wearing any type of protection.

Lastly, I was in Costco today. They took full protections for everyone else, all persons were wearing gloves, masks and they have also erected plastic shields in the cashier areas.  Everything is done by scanning your card(s) and inserting your card into the machine.  When you leave the store, they ask you to put the receipt on a clipboard, so there is no contact.  Home Depot also performs similar actions.

I believe protocols come down from the top management of these corporations. With that said, I urge you to support the companies that are doing the right thing for their employees and their customers. The next time I walk into a store and feel that health protocols are not being taken, I will walk right out the door and not frequent that store again or at least until the Coronavirus is long gone.

And finally, if you approve or support this message, please share it.

Gracias and stay well,

Todd Bates





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