An Uber in Mexico; Not common but finding a way!

Mexico is a great country to find solutions, with using existing methods, and as well using new technology!

While I will say that is not the normal Uber Eats delivery driver, he found his way!

My thoughts are, if I was him:

“What do I have and how can I do it?”

That is the Mexican way; period.

Mexico is an incredible country, filled with loving and generational families, all tied together.  

It is normal for a family of 10 or 16 persons to take a trip together, as they always are around each other and a vacation is simply an extension of that example.

Aunts, uncles, grandchildren and the grand parents, always together for meals, sharing everything with everyone.

I was fortunate to have lived in a traditional Mexican family and I am so appreciative for the new point of view that I learned from them.


Todd Bates

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