David Troy Francis and Michael Boustead versus Joe Sanchez

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It took some years, but justice was served; completely and fully.
Thank you for the patience with this, Warren Brander, as well as many others.
Justice has prevailed.
Todd Bates
We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, October 22, 2020, a verdict was passed down in the Puerto Vallarta Courts District 8 in the matter of David Troy Francis and Michael Boustead versus Joe Sanchez, developer of The Summit in Puerto Vallarta. Joe Sanchez, who was falsely accused of Unlawful Eviction and Theft of Personal property in 2019, was found not guilty of all charges and fully exonerated in a case presided by a tribunal of 3 judges.
The legal justice system in Mexico has found insufficient evidence to support David Troy Francis and Michael Boustead in their malicious and strategic social media attack entitled “Condo Nightmare”. Mr. Francis and Mr. Boustead have been served and will now stand charges of Delitos Contra la Dignidad de las Personas in Puerto Vallarta and Tortious Interference and Defamation in the Superior Courts of Fulton County Georgia, under Civil Action Number 2019CV330476 in the United States. We have full confidence that the outcome of these trials will serve as further justice and be awarded in our favor to help correct the vicious and intentional harm that has been unlawfully and purposefully inflicted upon Joe Sanchez, his business, and his family, and will allow the courts to pass judgement as we have faith in the due process of the legal system.
It is our goal to utilize this legal victory and vindication as a benefit to the real estate community and other small businesses in Puerto Vallarta. In the digital era, this type of smear campaign could happen to any member of our community and we will strive to use our experience to support and protect local business owners in the face of illegal defamatory attacks that can lead to extraordinary damage, both professionally and personally.
We send our thanks and appreciation to the community, our friends, and our family for their loyalty and support through what has been an incredibly challenging time and we are pleased that when all evidence was presented to the court of law – not the court of social media – a fair and legal verdict was reached in full support of Joe Sanchez.

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